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App Development, UI, Graphic Design


Based in the Pacific Northwest, OCENS provides satellite software and services to sea-going customers. Satellite connections are low bandwidth ( Remember dial up modems? ) and can be painfully limiting for people accustomed to being online 24-7.  OneMail and OneMessage use proprietary software to enhance their customer’s satellite experience – keeping them connected to critical weather updates, co-workers, and family back on shore.

We assisted OCENS by updating the look and feel of the interface, adding new features, and re-developing the app to work with the latest version of Ionic. This ensured OneMail and OneMessage would be compatible with the most recent iOS and Android devices.

While developing these apps, we gained new knowledge of satellite communication protocols, safely navigated through Google's OAuth Verification process, and finally learned what a GRIB is!

Put succinctly, Chornenky Creative says what they will do and then out-performs what they say. They are exceptionally creative and a bulldog when it comes to delivering a solution exceeding your expectations that is both on-time and on-budget. In fact, it truly feels like Justin’s team becomes invested in your brand and its success while working their hardest to create solutions that standout with your customers. As such, it is to Chornenky Creative that we will turn first as we lay out our future development plans.

Mark Freeberg, Owner, OCENS

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